Chapter History
Phi Kappa Tau at Indiana University was originally founded as The Garnet Club, a group of students that were opposed to the hazing and antics of many fraternities but still desiring to form bonds of brotherhood. Several national fraternities approached the Garnet Club to affiliate with them, and the members determined that the values of Phi Kappa Tau were most similar to their own. They became an official Phi Kappa Tau colony in 1948. After a short time in a rented house, the chapter made arrangements to purchase the limestone Showers home at 520 N. Walnut St. The colony was installed on May 18th, 1949, and became the 59th chapter of Phi Kappa Tau. National President Roland Maxwell conducted the installation, and National Secretary Richard Young presented the Beta Lambda chapter. After Walnut Street, the chapter leased a house in an excellent location in the center of campus on Tenth and Jordan. As the chapter grew and prospered, it neared its goal of building its own home on the row, and ground was broken in the late 60's. Unfortunately, chapter membership declined and ran up a debt with the university, losing the house in the early 1970's.
After nearly a decade of absence, Phi Kappa Tau re-colonized in March of 2003. Since then, Phi Tau has been working to re-establish itself as a major part of greek life at IU. In 2019 the chapter leased a home at 720 East 3rd Street and has seen exponential growth since. At Phi Tau, we hold ourselves to high standards. We do not haze and we pride ourselves on being gentlemen and scholars, striving all the while to build strong bonds and friendships. Participating in many activities and philanthropies around IU's campus, our membership has grown to over 180 brothers.